SAP International Market Overview

Given the continued growth rates at Whitehall Resources and a quickly expanding International Team, we have a very solid experience in SAP markets across the globe. The manager of the SAP International Team has helped me to decipher what has changed over the past 6 months, what markets are excelling, what technology is hot, and what markets are paying more. Here’s what we’ve seen:

Which Countries Have Provided a High Number Of Requirements?

As is predictable, the UK and German markets continue to be the dominant players. The Swiss market is also very strong at the moment. In addition, our International operations have a strong stance in The Middle Eastern market – we have made many new client wins and have requirements coming in on a daily basis.

What we have also seen is an increase in roles coming out of South America, particularly SAP Banking roles.

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How Easy Is It To Get Working Visas Across Different SAP International Markets?

For SAP consultants who are European Citizens, working SAP roles in any of the busiest markets (Germany, Switzerland & the UK) is straightforward given the EU legislation. For non EU Citizens it can be somewhat problematic. In almost all circumstances, you will require sponsorship from the Company in the country of interest. See Working as an SAP Consultant in Europe.

For the Middle East, there is a fairer playing field as all SAP Consultants looking to move there to work must go through the same visa process. Whilst Whitehall Resources cannot file for the visa on your behalf, we can help you through the process. We have managed many Visa applications and though not always straightforward, we know how to get the visa through!

What SAP Modules are Most in Demand and Where?

The most obvious areas in high demand internationally are within core banking and treasury roles.

For the Middle East, modules are what you would expect – SAP FICO, BI, MM, ABAP and SAP Training. Demand in Germany is especially high right now. Primarily, we have received a very high number of IS Retail Roles as well as in Core Banking and Treasury. Our other busiest market has been in Switzerland. Here, modules in demand are in SAP IS Retail, Core Banking, SAP EWM and SAP SCM.

Across the rest of Europe, the International SAP Team here at Whitehall have been very busy placing candidates with skills in APO and Global Trade Supply.

What are Rates Like and What Markets are Paying More?

As what may be expected, Germany, Switzerland and the UK continue to lead with rates averaging higher than in other markets. However, in any market, all clients have different budgets depending on the importance they place on the role, the length of the contract and the level of expertise the role requires.

For the SAP Permanent Consultants, salaries and packages are tighter than they have ever been! Companies are largely focused on cost reduction and are willing to rule out candidates for being even £1 over budget. We have noticed that Clients are expecting a lot more for their money. Typically they only want candidates that are proven in the marketplace and are able to complete the role unsupervised.

What are Hiring Mangers Particularly Looking For?

First and foremost, hiring managers are looking for a broad knowledgeable and awareness of the market. They want candidates that are professional, committed and have good attention to detail. As we have seen more and more recently, experience is crucial – clients want candidates that are proven in their field and can provide good quality references for each and every relevant project or role they have completed.

In addition, there are more and more SAP consultants applying to each and every role. Therefore, it is critical that your CV clearly emphasises exactly what your areas of expertise along with any supporting information relevant for the role – get as much of this on the first page as possible.

What is Your Take on the Current Market Situation?

I think that clients are being more intelligent when it comes to choosing where to invest on top SAP consultants.  They put more thought into the necessity of each requirement and more importantly, are only sourcing candidates from specialist SAP recruitment consultants who have previously proven that they can supply top talent, such as Whitehall Resources.

Clients want their recruiter to have a deep understanding of both the marketplace and their company’s specific needs. At Whitehall, we use individual account managers for each of our clients so that we can provide exactly that. We provide the client with 3 top quality candidates as opposed to a high number of CV’s in hope that one suits the needs of the client. It’s a win-win. The client doesn’t spend lots of time sieving through CV and you know you’re in a great position to be offered the role.


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