Working as an SAP consultant in Europe

Discover the world of SAP opportunities in Europe! Whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, the process of working as an SAP consultant in Europe can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about work permits, visas, cost of living, and the best cities for SAP jobs in Europe. From the process of immigration to the best places for a work-life balance, this guide has it all. So, whether you’re looking to advance your career or simply explore new horizons, this article will help you navigate your way to success.

Navigating Work Permits and Visas in Europe

Understanding work permits and visas is crucial when considering employment opportunities in Europe. The immigration process you need to follow will vary depending on the country you plan to work and reside in, as well as your nationality.

Employment in EU for EU Citizens: SAP Jobs

As a citizen of an EU member state, you have the right to travel, live, and work in any other EU country. For instance, a German national can freely travel and work in Spain or any other EU nation. You can find more information about your rights as an EU citizen on the European Commission website.

For SAP consultants, permanent positions or contracts longer than three months require registration in the host country. This process is typically simple and can be completed at a town hall or local police station. During the first three months, registration is optional, but it can be helpful to prepare for the future.

It’s important to note that, as an EU citizen working in another EU country, you are entitled to the same rights as the local citizens in terms of pay, social security, and working conditions. You will also have similar obligations, such as carrying a photo ID. While not carrying an ID may not result in severe consequences, fines may be imposed in some countries.

British citizens in the EU should visit the UK government website for updates on Brexit. European citizens in the UK can refer to the latest Brexit updates on UK work permits for Europeans.

Employment in EU for Non-EU Citizens: SAP Jobs

For non-EU citizens, sponsorship from the hiring company is necessary. While some European companies may prefer hiring EU citizens to avoid the sponsorship process, it is still possible to be hired if you possess specialized skills or experience. When applying for SAP jobs, inquire with the recruiter whether the employer is willing to sponsor your visa to avoid misunderstandings.

Non-EU citizens new to SAP contracting should note that obtaining visas can be easier in countries with equal opportunities, such as those in the Middle East. Additionally, living in the EU and obtaining a work permit can eventually lead to eligibility for a Blue Card, a work and residence permit for highly skilled non-EU/EEA nationals seeking permanent residence in the EU. Among participating EU countries, Germany issues the highest number of Blue Cards annually. To learn more about the EU Blue Card, visit the official website.

SAP Jobs in the EU for Non-EU Citizens

As a non-EU citizen seeking SAP job opportunities in the EU, you will require sponsorship from the hiring company. While some European firms might prefer to avoid the sponsorship process by hiring EU citizens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot secure a job. If a company believes you are the perfect fit for the role or possess unique skills and experience that are difficult to find, they may be willing to undertake the additional steps for sponsorship. When applying for SAP positions, always ask the recruiter if the employer is open to sponsoring your visa to avoid confusion.

For non-EU citizens who are new to SAP contracting, it’s worth noting that obtaining visas can be comparatively easier in countries with a level playing field, such as those in the Middle East. However, one advantage of residing in the EU is that after obtaining a work permit and spending some time in the host country, you may become eligible to apply for a Blue Card. The Blue Card is a work and residence permit designed for highly skilled non-EU/EEA nationals interested in permanent residency in the EU. Among all participating EU countries, Germany issues the highest number of Blue Cards annually.

Exploring SAP Job Opportunities in Non-EU Countries: Switzerland and Norway

When seeking opportunities as an SAP consultant outside the European Union, two non-EU countries stand out for their thriving job markets: Switzerland and Norway. Both countries offer unique advantages for professionals, but navigating the visa and work permit processes can be challenging. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the requirements, along with useful resources to help you make informed decisions about working and living in these countries.



Switzerland is a sought-after destination for SAP consultants due to its strong economy and high demand for skilled professionals. To work and reside in Switzerland, you must obtain a residence permit, which also serves as a working visa. While the process varies based on your country of origin, it is relatively quick compared to other European countries.

For citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), relocating to Switzerland before obtaining a residence permit is possible. However, non-EEA citizens must secure a residence permit and a working visa before entering the country. The Swiss firm sponsoring your employment must also sponsor your working visa.

To learn more about visas, taxes, and living conditions in Switzerland, consult the following resources:

Working as an SAP Consultant in Switzerland
Swiss Federal Office for Migration (FOM)
Switzerland Online Visa System



Norway offers a vibrant market for SAP consultants and has distinct work permit requirements based on nationality. However, if you hail from a Nordic country, you can move to Norway without restrictions and report your presence to the National Registry.

For EU or EEA nationals, you must register with the police within three months of arrival to obtain a registration certificate. Non-EU/EEA citizens, on the other hand, will need to apply for a work permit, which varies depending on nationality.

For more information on living and working in Norway, consult these resources:

  1. Working as an SAP Consultant in Norway
  2. Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)
  3. Life in Norway’s Guide to Working and Living in Norway

Please note that this overview is a general summary and that visa requirements may change periodically. It is essential to obtain complete and up-to-date information from the Immigration Service or Embassy in your home country before making any work and travel plans. By staying informed and utilising the resources provided, you can successfully navigate the process of finding SAP job opportunities in Switzerland and Norway.

Top European Locations for SAP Consultants: Opportunities, Work-Life Balance, and Leisure

As an SAP consultant, Europe offers many opportunities for professional growth and cultural experiences. From tech hubs in Germany to work-life balance in Nordic countries and leisure in Mediterranean regions, the continent presents numerous options for those seeking to advance their careers and enjoy life. In this guide, we will explore the best European locations for SAP consultants, focusing on job opportunities, work-life balance, and leisure.


Top Locations for SAP Specialists in Europe

  1. Germany – As the birthplace of SAP, Germany offers a wealth of opportunities for SAP consultants in cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. The thriving tech sector in these cities provides an ideal environment for developing skills and expanding professional networks. To learn more about working as an SAP consultant in Germany, read this informative article: Working as an SAP Consultant in Germany.
  2. The Netherlands – Known for hosting the headquarters of numerous global organisations, the Netherlands presents a robust job market for SAP consultants in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Eindhoven. Discover what it’s like to work as an SAP consultant in the Netherlands by reading this insightful article: Working as an SAP Consultant in the Netherlands.
  3. United Kingdom – With a strong economy and an emphasis on the latest technologies, the UK offers numerous SAP job opportunities not only in London but across the entire country. To explore SAP jobs in the UK, visit the Whitehall SAP Jobs portal: Browse SAP Jobs in the UK.

Top Locations for Work-Life Balance:

  1. Norway – Known for its flexible working culture and family-oriented approach, Norway ranks high in work-life balance worldwide.
  2. Denmark – Like its Nordic neighbours, Denmark offers a healthy work-life balance, with a focus on flexibility and family life. Learn more about what it’s like to work as an SAP Consultant in Denmark in this article: Working as an SAP Consultant in Denmark.
  3. Sweden – Renowned for its progressive work culture and emphasis on work-life balance, Sweden is an attractive destination for SAP consultants seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Top Locations for Leisure:

  1. Spain – For a relaxed lifestyle, lively atmosphere, and exceptional culinary experiences, consider Spain’s vibrant cities and beautiful coastlines. Learn more about Spain in this guide: Working as an SAP Consultant in Spain
  2. Italy – With its rich history, incredible food, and warm climate, Italy offers a unique blend of leisure and culture.
  3. France, Belgium, and Poland – These countries boast stunning architecture, both old and new, providing a fascinating backdrop for leisurely exploration and cultural immersion.

Cost of Living

While many European countries use the Euro as their currency, the cost of living varies significantly across the continent. Countries such as Poland, Spain, and Portugal tend to have more affordable living costs, whereas the UK and Nordic countries are generally more expensive. As an SAP consultant, salaries may also vary depending on the cost of living. For a guideline on the cost of living per country, take a look at Numbeo.

Languages in Europe

Europe has 24 officially recognised languages, with some countries having up to four official languages, like Switzerland and Luxembourg. German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish are the most widely spoken languages. Although many Europeans speak English, especially in the business and SAP sectors, learning the basics of the local language can be beneficial for adapting to a new country.

Travelling Around Europe

One of the perks of working in Europe is the potential eligibility for a Schengen Visa, which allows travel and visits to most European countries. European countries are relatively small, making cross-border commutes and weekend trips to nearby cities or countries easy. Both road and air travel are convenient and efficient ways to explore Europe.


Weather and Leisure

Europe experiences varying climates depending on the location, with northern countries generally colder than those in the south. Summer months are from June to September, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 30 degrees Celsius, while winter lasts from December to March, with many countries experiencing snow.

Winter in Europe provides opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and witnessing the Northern Lights in countries like Iceland, Sweden, and Scotland. During the summer, Europeans enjoy outdoor activities such as beach trips, picnics, and attending outdoor festivals. Popular tourist destinations like Rome, Barcelona, and London tend to be busier during the summer months.

In conclusion, as an SAP consultant considering a career in Europe, you’ll be exposed to an unparalleled mix of professional opportunities, cultural diversity, and exciting travel experiences. From understanding the cost of living to navigating the linguistic landscape and embracing the leisure activities unique to each region, your European journey will be both personally and professionally enriching. Embrace the adventure and make the most of your time in Europe as you build your career, expand your horizons, and create unforgettable memories.

If you’re ready to pursue a new career in SAP, get in touch with an SAP recruitment specialist. Our team of experienced SAP Consultants have one of the largest networks of SAP talent across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US.


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