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Our teams of specialists support organisations who are either looking for the perfect match or require support across a spectrum of Data recruitment needs. Our networks have been growing for over a decade and include thousands of skilled candidates. From Data Architecture, Analysts and Consultants to Data leadership, we have relationships with specialists across the UK & Ireland.
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Securing the best in Data talent across the UK

Why Whitehall for Data Recruitment?

  • Specialist Data Focus: Expertise in fulfilling a wide array of roles, from Data Architecture, Analysts, Engineers, Scientists and Consultants to Data leadership. We have extensive networks across the Data talent landscape.
  • Adaptable Contract Strategies: Offering flexibility to accommodate local and international resource needs.
  • Robust Candidate Network: Regular engagement with over 15,000 specialist consultants monthly.
  • Efficient and Quality-Driven Process: Delivering high-quality, well-matched shortlists of candidates swiftly.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Celebrating a 99.8% client retention rate, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Data Architecture & Strategy:
    • At Whitehall we understand the important role highly skilled Data Architects play in delivering successful projects and defining Data strategy and roadmaps.
    • Data Architects map out and model the vast and complex data within a modern organisation, select the tools needed to process that data, and put the plan in place so the systems can be developed. Often a very strategic role, modern businesses could not function without data architects at the helm of their digital environments.
    If you’re looking to hire the best Data Architects around, Whitehall have worked tirelessly to build the network to help.
  • BI & MI, Data Analytics & Engineering:

From analysts to developers, Business Intelligence (BI) and Management Information (MI) roles are integral; a critical part of any data-driven team. Responsible for processing and visualising raw data over a variety of software applications, BI and MI professionals help companies process their raw data into insightful solutions to solve complex business problems. We source the people who enable and optimise the technologies that make data possible. From the Data Engineers who design and build data platforms, and those that manage data quality and data governance, through to Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation professionals, our Data team recruits for roles that sit behind effective analytics.

Our dedicated teams across the Data Engineering and Analytics verticals have a genuine understanding of the skills, technologies, tools, and environments required for the job as well as the people who make it happen. We are truly specialised in data and analytics recruitment throughout this sector and analyse the market thoroughly.

  • Insights & Marketing:

We recruit the best data and analytics professionals into fulfilling Insights, Marketing, and Advance Analytics positions.

We understand that marketing has shifted from a purely creative process, into a data-driven field that uses detailed analytics to determine the outcomes of campaigns, guide investment decisions, and plan future customer targeting.

Whether you need to enter new markets or re-energise existing ones, develop new propositions, or improve customer experience, our Data team understand the Insights market and the importance of knowing your target audience.

  • Data Science: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

Whitehall is an award-winning professional recruitment and staffing agency, with a team dedicated to the Data market and a core competency in Data Science recruitment. We’re experts in finding the right people for the right roles in data science. With an extensive network of data science professionals and an real understanding of the data science industry, we can help you find the right talent for your organisation.

Data drives business and, in the 21st century, the Data Scientist is the “Quarterback” of the technology world. Companies today know insights are the way to a higher ROI, a healthier bottom line, and, ultimately, a loyal client and customer base. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must continuously look for new and innovative ways to extract insights from the large volumes of data they acquire to inform their next ‘play’.

Machine learning and AI are becoming more prevalent and have the potential to transform how world operates. Most forward-thinking businesses are already investing heavily in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for customer experience, process efficiencies, insights and predictive analytics now more powerful than anything that has gone before it. The opportunities for companies and the threats competitors/disrupters pose who better grasp the potential of AI ensures that it’s a battleground for talent and clients and candidates need to work with partners who are already a step ahead.  We’ve invested in our capability to deliver in ML and AI since before it was fashionable, and it’s enabled us to have the engaged networks required to compete in such a highly competitive talent landscape.

Jo Sharp | Principal Client Services Manager | Whitehall Resources
Jo Sharp
Principal Client Services Manager
Chris Morris
Manager | Permanent Delivery Team
Jade King
Client Services Business Manager | D&I Specialist | ERP & IT
Georgia Pike
Executive Client Services Manager

Delivering Expert Data Recruitment Solutions

Choosing the right strategy with your Data recruitment agency involves assessing supply factors in the marketplace and the skills required with the goals and objectives of the organisation.

If there are not many resources locally then offering contract or fixed term contracts can widen the search to professionals who are prepared to relocate regionally and internationally.

We pair our highly developed markets, with headhunting techniques empowered by the very best tools available and an international reach with mobility expertise to deliver on site, hybrid, or remote capability to ensure that if the right talent exists, we’re the right agency to pair you with them.

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Contract & Permanent Data Recruitment

Our service gives you unparalleled access to a recruitment database of Data talent that is graded, catalogued, and readily accessible via our best of breed CRM systems. We regularly deliver high-quality shortlists of CVs within hours of receiving a client’s requirement, high quality means the right skills, the right fit, and a traceable and trusted reference.

We have a track record of success in the Data recruitment market, our clients value our service, and they tell us via our 99.8% client retention rate. This culture of dedication is a requirement of any Data recruitment agency, it’s the only way to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace where securing the best Data talent is vital to your company’s success.

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Tamworth, Staffordshire
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Data Scientist

Hybrid-remote in South Yorkshire
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Service Management Operator

Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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SAP Senior Credit Risk Consultant

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SAP Data Architect (Director)

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SAP IS-U Technical Lead

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Office based

SAP SD/MM Support Manager

Terrell, Texas
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SAP MM/PP Support Manager

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SAP Authorisations Analyst

Runcorn, Cheshire
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Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Hybrid-remote in Cardiff
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Absolute Application Resilience Engineer

Hybrid-remote in Cheshire

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