Are You Ready for the SAP S/4HANA Migration Rush?

Are You Ready for the SAP S/4HANA Migration Rush?

According to ASUG, the world’s largest network of SAP users and professionals, 47% of its surveyed members have started the SAP S/4HANA migration process already and a further 69% expect to implement it in the next 2 years. SAP S/4HANA is the next step for businesses wanting to embrace the power of digital transformation, however with so much demand expected for skilled SAP professionals with S/4HANA experience it may prove difficult to attract and retain the talent you need to steer your planned migration and maintain your new software into the future.

SAP S/4HANA Overview

By using in-memory computing S/4HANA speeds up data processing, enabling real time analytics for quick decision making based on up to the minute insights. And because its suite of integrated applications covers every aspect of modern business operations, from financial management and supply chain logistics to sales and human resources, collaboration and communication between departments is made simple. For many businesses, an SAP S/4HANA migration isn’t just a software upgrade, it represents a big step forward in organizational agility, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a decisive transition into the digital age.

Pros and Cons of SAP S/4 HANA

That’s not to say an SAP S/4HANA migration is a simple choice. S/4HANA has the potential to dramatically improve performance and speed, allowing for quicker decision making powered by real time analytics and actionable insights; and it uses new technologies such as AI and machine learning to allow for simplified data management and processing, automation, and predictive analysis. However, there are some potential downsides that could prevent a smooth transition such as:

• The complexity of the migration process – extensive strategic planning may be required to allocate resources successfully and prevent potential operational disruption.

• Potential compatibility issues with existing systems – ensuring seamless interoperability between legacy systems and S/4HANA may require substantial time, resources, and expertise.

• Cost implications and investment required – the migration process involves significant expenses associated with software licenses, infrastructure upgrades, consulting services, employee training, ongoing maintenance and support costs which may pose challenges for organizations with limited budgets or competing priorities.

• Concerns around data security – transitioning sensitive data to a new platform may raise questions about data integrity, privacy, and compliance with federal and state data protection laws.

• Difficulty in accessing key skills – according to MIT 64% of US employers say that candidates for their tech roles are lacking the required skills and experience.

Hiring for S/4HANA Implementation

Dealing with the challenges of SAP S/4HANA migration requires support from SAP professionals with the right skills and expertise. For a successful implementation you need to take the following steps:

  1. Early Planning
    As you plan your migration it’s important to consider strategies for forecasting your hiring needs ahead of time. With so much competition for talent with S/4HANA experiences you’ll want to secure skilled professionals sooner rather than later and plan your hiring strategies accordingly.

    You should evaluate your current teams against any future project requirements to identify areas that require expertise or expansion and prioritize roles that need to be filled urgently. Collaborating closely with project managers and stakeholders can provide insights into upcoming projects and resource requirements for any planned migration.

  2. Attracting Talent
    To compete for professionals with the S/4HANA experience you need you should think creatively about your talent acquisition and recruitment processes. Take a holistic approach to recruitment that addresses both the professional and personal aspirations of candidates to significantly improve your ability to attract top SAP talent.

    Use your job descriptions and career website to highlight the innovative nature of S/4HANA projects and emphasize how candidates will be contributing to business transformation and wider growth. Benchmark your salaries and benefits to stay attractive to top candidates and try to provide clear professional development and growth opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to investing in candidates’ long-term success. You might also consider promoting a positive company culture and offering flexible work arrangements to further enhance your appeal to SAP professionals.

  3. Retaining Key Skills
    In the face of high demand for S/4HANA skills, retaining existing talent and upskilling current staff is key for a successful migration and for maintaining project continuity. It has other benefits too. By improving employee satisfaction and loyalty you create a supportive and engaging work environment where talented professionals thrive.

    Quickly reduce turnover and develop a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of S/4HANA projects by providing ongoing training and upskilling opportunities that equip employees with the latest knowledge and competencies. Recognize and reward employee contributions to incentivize skill retention and motivate staff to excel in their roles and empower employees to progress by offering mentorship programs and career development pathways.

The rush towards SAP S/4HANA migration presents both opportunities and challenges. Being prepared is essential if you want to capitalize on the benefits of S/4HANA but by proactively addressing recruitment, retention, and upskilling strategies, you can be sure you have the skilled SAP talent you need to drive a successful transformation.

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