The benefits of transitioning to S/4HANA

The speed and data availability in modern technology are shifting how businesses and economies function. We’ve recently seen some pioneer brands like Karen Millen and Debenhams having to change owners after facing stiff competition from online shopping, but on a brighter side, we’ve also seen businesses surviving the fast-paced technology world through adding online experiences to their mix of traditional points of sale. The New York Times and other publishers have implemented a subscription model for their online content, supermarkets like Walmart and Tesco have embraced online grocery shopping and home deliveries, and travel leader TUI launched an SAP app for their customers – all of these companies are going through digital transformation whilst still delivering to customers with traditional buying behaviour.

For SAP clients, the transition to S/4HANA is no longer a case of “if” but “when” it’s going to happen. This raises the next question… why transition to S/4HANA? Here is an overview of the key benefits to your organisation, stakeholders and customers.

The benefits of S/4HANA to your organisation


With S/4HANA, you can take advantage and maximize the opportunities provided by new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. You are able to stay ahead of the competition through the availability of the real-time business data, providing the opportunity and potential to make better decisions.


SAP S/4HANA runs on SAP HANA Cloud, an in-memory database providing faster transaction processing and live data. This gives you real-time planning, reporting and forecasting based on reality. Through project planning and implementation, you will also inevitably identify areas for improvement and innovation. The SAP HANA Cloud is the platform that has helped Cirque du Soleil and FC Bayern Munich create unique experiences for their customers and even helped organisations like Veolia and the Waterwatch Cooperative put processes in place whilst having a balanced relationship with the environment

Cost effectiveness

More efficient processes reduce costs whether it is in manufacturing, administration or personnel. Furthermore, S/4HANA updates and improvements are released on a quarterly basis, this means no large-scale software upgrades will be required, reducing IT operational costs and infrastructure investment.


Although SAP recommends transitioning to S/4HANA in the cloud, there are other platform options. You can choose the option that best accommodates your business. You can also reduce transition time through utilising an SAP Model Company if available for your industry.

S/4HANA benefits to stakeholders

It is not only the business bottom line that can benefit from a fast and reliable system. A user friendly and efficient ERP has a much greater impact on your employees, managers and other stakeholders. Enjoyable experiences are important to engage stakeholders in maximizing the use and potential of the system and to get them onboard in the organisation’s plans for digital transformation.

What makes S/4HANA a great tool for your employees?


Collecting data isn’t sufficient, it’s how you use it to your advantage what makes the difference. The possession of data from both internal and external sources in real-time has a huge impact on decision making. It enables decision makers to address issues as they arise, rather than waiting to hear about them month-end, as well as achieving faster planning and forecasting cycles. Baumann Koelliker AG, the Swiss leading provider of energy installation projects, has given their employees greater control with the S/4HANA implementation. Project managers are provided real-time data, progress, cost and revenue reporting for their projects and service technicians can record and access project data directly when in the field, allowing them to meet costumers’ needs.


With the use of machine learning, S/4HANA understands the needs, preferences and regular activities performed by users and is able to produce anticipated information and take care of tasks that are usually time consuming. Snow Peak, the Japanese retailer, can now access real time information with S/4HANA, avoiding out-of-stock situations through the use of optimized inventories and support their mission of building customer loyalty by enabling employees to share information and insight with peers from other stores.

Ease of use

SAP S/4HANA is innovative, intuitive, responsive and simple. Furthermore, if your company is already using SAP, there will be no need to learn terminology and processes as your stakeholders are already be familiar with SAP applications.

S/4HANA benefits to your clients

The end client is your most important stakeholder. If you can meet or exceed expectations, they will return again and again. Having insightful data from your ERP can have impacts across the organisation and transform you into a more agile enterprise. This includes product and service design, marketing and sales strategies and real time insights into eventual outcomes.

Mafatlal, the textile retailer from India, implemented S/4HANA to standardise policies and processes across departments and divisions, as well as to provide more visibility in regards to their customer’s preferences, helping the ambitious retailer to enhance the quality of their products with the introduction of more durable materials, new colours and more popular designs.

There is no doubt that S/4HANA is the technology of and for the future.

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