SAP’s reach in the world of fashion

The capability and adaptability of SAP systems mean their benefits can reach a wide spectrum of industries and the fashion world is no exception.

SAP has contributed to the global success of many international brands, with applications supporting both the manufacturing and retail sectors, as well as the customisation of their management and finance systems.


As one of the UK’s leading clothing brands, Missguided specialises in fast fashion for young women. They had the vision of exploring new wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels, as well as further international expansion. Missguided introduced the SAP platform to their business to be able to digitise their supply chain processes and they are now able to track their products from the supplier to the point of sale and have tighter costs and budget control. The implementation enabled them to gain better inventory management and financial insight. One of the most valuable features of SAP for Missguided is the monitoring of the most profitable products, allowing them to make more strategic decisions. The result – was better customer experiences that turned into company growth and higher revenue.


With over 600 million shoes sold in more than 90 countries, the footwear manufacturer from Colorado has a lot to manage. In 2013, they replaced their old ERP systems with the SAP platform to standardise processes and be able to run the business across different languages, and currencies and adapt to local business requirements to support their plans of international expansion. Other benefits of their newly acquired SAP Apparel and Footwear software included analytics, supply chain and improved database features. In 2018, they introduced SAP SuccessFactors to merge their 17 different HR systems into one that could centralise their hiring and recruitment processes, including local compliance regulations and localised services for each unique culture – resulting in higher employee engagement with the use of their systems. Later on in the year, they introduced SAP Preferred Success to improve communication within their multiple third parties and stakeholders by providing timely and relevant product information.

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Swarovski, the jewellery designer and manufacturer from Austria, identified opportunities to improve their sales and finance processes and reduce operations costs across several locations around the world by getting KPI visibility on the SAP ActiveEmbedded Services. Some of the issues identified were delays in invoicing clearance, missing fields in orders and billing exceptions. To resolve these issues, Swarovski developed a scheduled improvement program across the company and implemented invoicing automation, as well as dashboard monitoring to identify incomplete orders and delays in invoices and documents. The different teams across the company now work together with the IT project leaders on a regular basis to review improvement initiatives, receive training and establish best practices.


Euveka is a French business that specialises in robotic mannequins that change height, shape and size in seconds, allowing designers to create tailored garments for their customers. Being a start-up, Euveka needed to formalise their purchases workflows, take control of deadlines and centralise and streamline their processes. By adopting SAP Business One, they not only managed to gain better control of their company, but also took advantage of their sophisticated analytics tools to see information in relation to their past and present figures as well as forecasting.

American Eagle Outfitters

Being a clothing brand for youngsters, American Eagle Outfitters has the need to evolve quickly, follow seasonal trends and be ahead of the game to be successful. Efficiency is key in their business, and with the help of SAP Ariba Solutions they identified and resolved some processes that required improvement to be more efficient. The company made use of SAP Ariba solutions to vet suppliers and accelerate savings through better spending, budget reporting and analysis, leading to better planning and decision making. Invoicing was a big part of the improvement required – their processes were outdated and long-winded, with 18 steps to process invoices for payment. The processes have been simplified and are running smoothly, cutting down the time and costs involved. At a user level, they now also have better visibility, allowing employees to be more self-sufficient.

El Palacio de Hierro

The billion-dollar luxury department store in Mexico introduced SAP Application Management Services to their existing SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to support and optimise its current applications. The improvement was made with the end goal of meeting performance and quality criteria and to be better equipped to resolve IT issues. This was achieved with the help of SAP experts who assisted the brand in tailoring their systems. The result – optimisation of their existing SAP applications, an upgrade that improved the incidence reporting and resolution times and enabled them to achieve scalable production systems.


Once-named as one of Asia’s 200 Best by Forbes, Baoxiniao is a designer and manufacturer of men’s business wear in China. As part of their business strategy, they required a consolidation of the production information from three Chinese plants into one platform to improve their manufacturing processes and scheduling. This was achieved by the introduction of the SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP Apparel and Footwear applications. The system has also been implemented in their first smart factory in Wenzhou which produces made-to-measure business wear, allowing them to continue being a global leader in tailored garments without losing efficiency or rising costs usually involved with this business model.

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