Non-profits and SAP team up to help people in need

Non-profit organisations have a huge responsibility to manage donations effectively. Donor trust in these projects demands clear objective setting, resource allocation and full transparency in their financial reporting.

SAP has not only been able to help charities achieve their financial objectives, but has also managed to develop solutions to improve their daily operations, organising emergency teams, recruiting and arranging support workers in natural disaster situations and GPS tracking of endangered wildlife.

Elephants, Rhinos & People

Elephants, Rhinos & People (ERP) is an organisation created to protect elephants and rhinos in South Africa, commonly targeted by poachers, hunters and wildlife traffickers – four elephants are killed every hour and three rhinos are killed every day. ERP’s strategy is to alleviate poverty that drives poaching, by creating sustainable economic activities in communities near the protected areas, and by creating awareness to protect these species. ERP’s aim is to reduce the need of the inhabitants to return to poaching for their income. Alongside this programme, ERP introduced SAP Airforce to monitor elephants and rhinos with satellite tracking technologies and have reduced poaching to zero where they’ve been present. This is achieved by getting a small number of elephants in a herd to wear a collar with GPS satellite technology. The system detects when an elephant or a herd approaches the limits of the protected areas and sends an alert. The ERP Air Force then flies one of the patrolling drones to the location to assess the situation and if necessary, the rangers drive to the site to keep the elephants away from danger. All the data is also stored in the SAP HANA Cloud which provides ERP with data-driven insights for future planning.


With over 400 projects in 39 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, Welthungerhilfe – one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Germany, fights hunger and poverty in less-privileged countries and organises volunteers to help in emergency situations such as tsunamis, earthquakes and floods, around the world. As an organisation dedicated to coordinating fast response teams, they need to find the people with the right specialist skills – such as building camps or distributing food – for each critical situation and find those who are able to work in harsh conditions. With the use of the SAP SuccessFactors, they have optimised their emergency recruitment processes moving from a paper-based workflow to a database that enables them to identify the required staff for each project or requirement in less time and in a more efficient manner and narrow down the search to those volunteers and employees who have the availability to fly out immediately as when required, which allows them to save more lives. Welthungerhilfe, which name means “Aid for world hunger”, has the main objective of eradicating hunger and malnutrition in the areas they cover by 2030. They are positive the use of software is contributing to reaching their goals.

Image copyright – Ken2008/Welthungerhilfe

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Step for Students

Another successful case is Step Up for Students, a non-profit organisation based in Florida, dedicated to providing scholarships for low income and special needs students. Before SAP, families needed to submit reimbursement receipts to Step for Students for review and auditing before any reimbursement was approved, meaning it could take a few weeks before they received payments. With the help of SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, and SAP Ariba Commerce Automation, Step Up for Students developed the MyScholarShop platform in which families can find services, learning materials, technologies and educational resources, and access the scholarship funds directly through the system. The platform has been a great success as it is easily accessible from a home computer or a mobile device.

Mercy Relief

Mercy Relief is a humanitarian organisation in Singapore that delivers critical aid to Asian countries affected by natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis. It focuses on providing basic human needs to the least fortunate – water, sanitation, shelter, healthcare and education.

SAP identified that Mercy Relief’s processes were very slow and therefore the organisation was unable to deliver transparent donations and finances in an efficient manner. SAP donated the SAP Business One software to Mercy Relief as part of its social responsibility initiative and with the help of its partner Blue Ocean Systems, SAP developed a system suitable to the needs of this charitable organisation. They now have a centralised system that enables them to better track donations and project expenses, and provides useful data and insight to make more informed decisions and reduce resource wastage. Furthermore, they avoid duplication of efforts when working with other responding agencies.

To support any of this causes, you can use the following links: Welthungerhilfe, Elephants, Rhinos & People, Step for Students, Mercy Relief

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